Preserved and renovated

Bathhouse from 1909

With a focus on ecology


and social responsibility

Experience the bath

Sofiebadet hosts a lot of exiting experiences and a wide selection of baths and treatments in beautifull soroundings in the old protected bathhouse.

Who is Sofie?

 Sofie is a old lady who passed a 100 years and is  located at Christianshavn. But how does she stay in such a great shape? And how do we secure that she last for another 100 years?



 What else happens in the bath? We host a lot of concerts, lectures, midnight bathing,, Saunasgus and joined hamam sessions, but when is it?


What is hamam?

We are very excited about our lovely hamam, but what are we really talking about? Read more about our hamam and treatments or see the video about it.



Keep the bath ”above wather”

 The bath has lasted for over 100 years and our biggest wish is for it to last another 100 years. It can be a challenge to keep the bath going and it wouldnt be possible without our members.