Before hamam, you have warmed your muscles for about 30-40 minutes in the sauna or steam room.

At the navel stone in the hamam, the guest rests on a bed of soap foam and is also completely covered with a layer of foam from the organic olive soap. The body is massaged and then scrubbed with a "kese". Finally, the body is rinsed. There is room for 2 people at a time.

As a good alternative to individual treatments, we can recommend common hamam for more people. It consists of a delicious "do-it-yourself" hamampeleling, where the staff introduces the group of scallops (kese), hamam soap and peeling, where the whole company collects into the hammam with the warm stone in the middle. First, the group's guests in the sauna and steam room, possibly. Swap and combine with the cold thrill. 

After hamam we can recommend face masks to everyone.

That way everyone gets a cleansing from top to toe.


We have 3 different treatments.


Hamam Basic

Gentle sensual soap massage that cleanses the skin, the body's largest organ.

Hamamtreatment with soap wrapping, soap massage and scrup.

25 min. from 535, -



Hamam Ă…rstid

In addition to basic treatment, here is a final face mask you can apply when processing is complete.

25 min. From 560, -



Hamam Luxus

Soap Wrapping in Hamam Basic. In addition, the salt cleaning peeling with special glove (kese). Scalp massage and a firming facial mask with herbs followed by face massage.

50 min. from 835 -



Below you can see our video where we explain how a hamam treatment is progressing and what you can expect.




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For the vast majority, if not all, cultures have cleansing and bathing essential. The ancient pagan, Jewish, the Indian, Japanese - indeed all humanity shares a natural respect for water and purification.

In the middle of the hamam the navel stone is located. In Sofie Badet's  the navel stone  is built of leftover marble slabs from the old bath. The stone is heated from below by the Finnish mass stove , which then connect us from the Roman to the Nordic saunas.


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