Hamam Treatment

With roots in the middle east the hamam has almost forever been know as a beautiful and mindful cleansing ritual.

Through studies, hard work and visits around the world, our practitioners has put togheter two signature treatments. One of them is the "Hamam treatment" including foam wrap, scrub and soap massage in the 40 degrees marble stone room.

The signature treatments is the very soul of the people who work here. Its the treatment that makes them proud, and the one they reccomend when people ask what to go for.

Doing the "Hamam treatment" is a combination of practical skils (making a lot of soapfoam quick is something you practice for years), a 6th sense of the need of the costumer, and a physicians knowledge of the body.

Lay back and enjoy. We provide you with everything you need. 2 hours spa is included. First you warm up in sauna or steambath, then the treatment for around 40 min. And after we put you to rest for 10-15 minutes. We promise you will be in another state of mind when you leave.

St√łt Badet

Bliv medlem af Sofiebadet og være med til at holde vores smukke bad "oven vande".

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