Health spa - experience the historic bath!

When you come to the health spa in Sofie Badet you get a Pestemal to put around You and bathing shoes.

We have our lovely silk shampoo developed by Fischer-Pure for free and a towel for you.

You start up in the old bath from 1909 with a showet and then you go, pass the Hamam to the the former mens bath with the Sauna, the Steambath and different hot or cold tubs.

NB! Tuesday from. 19-21 we are offering gus in the sauna. 

Luxury health spa - time for a little extra?

We have put together a Luxus spa of our organic products so that you get a extra boost to body and soul. 

As extra you will get :

A Spirulina facial mask containing seaweed, clay and herbs to moisturise, nourish, firm and it revitalizes the skin. Sofiebadets classic myntesaltscrub that exfoliates the skin, which will be left soft and clean.After the bath you get an Argon moisturizer from Fisher Pure Nature.


Tube with herbs


How about trying a relaxing bath with herbs in our porcelain tube from 1909?




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Gift cards


Gift your loved one an experience in the bath, when they want it. A gift for body and soul.




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Support the Bath


Join a membership of Sofie Badet and help keep our beautiful bath "afloat" ..




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Are you more than 6 people?

So order two rounds online, or contact us by phone.

+45 28 68 98 29