Oil Massage



Our oil massage has a relaxing effect, relieve pain, stress and blood circulation throughout the body improves. The massage relieves rheumatism, headaches, neck and back problems and provide an improved overall well-being. The focus is on the individual client's wishes and needs.

Space for one at a time.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a several thousand year old Japanese form of treatment which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Focusing on meridians, acupoints and the body's life energy Qi, working though the body, using notably the pressure and strech.

Mainpurpose with shiatsu is to get a better flow of Qi, which according to Chinese medicine helps us not to develop various diseases. A shiatsu treatment leaves the body relaxed and the mind calm . The reciever should have loose clothing during treatment. "

Space for one at a time





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