Bathtub - treat yourself a little extra!

Relaxing for 1 person. Fun or romantic for 2.

In addition to access to the spa an either refreshing, relaxing or detoxing bath in our beautiful old porcelain tub from 1909!

close curtains and enjoy privacy end peace.

Incl. one face mask and tea, water and fruit served while in the tub.

Sofiebadets  tub offers the whole body the possiblity to care and a charitable treatment on top of the mild aroma therapeutic effect of the pure essential oils,  it exfoliates and softens the skin.

Price incl 2 hour spa acess 350 kr. 2 person in the tub 650 kr.

Private Arrangement

Do you have anything to celebrate? Rent the bath by your own in a few hours to birthsday or business trip.




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